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              NAGOYA DENK CO.,LTD.

              Sales Products

              Rubber and Chemical product relation

              Liquid seal anti-vibration rubber

              The liquid seal type anti-vibration rubber we have developed makes it possible to mount precision devices such as CDs and HDDs in automobiles.

              ?Air spring (SUMIMOUNT)

              The air spring (SUMIMOUNT) is widely used to prevent vibration in high-speed vehicles, and is gaining popularity as an actuator.

              High-strength resin molded parts
              High-strength resin (AURUM), with a strength equivalent to metal, is being greatly considered for use in automobile components, etc.
              Laminated film

              Our laminated film is a combination of various resin films and copper or Al, etc. This film is commonly used in fields from electronic industries to foodstuff fields.

              Poreflon Membrane
              Poreflon membrane (ethylene tetrafluoride), with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, water repelling properties and flexibility is often used as a filtration membrane, filter or breathing valve.
              High-pressure hoses
              High-pressure hoses are essential for maximizing the hydraulic force of shovels, cranes and machine tools, etc.