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              NAGOYA DENK CO.,LTD.


              Automobile relation

              Spring materials
              Automobile safety and comfort are supported with the unseen power of piano wires, SUS wires and carbide wires. Nagoya Denki supplies these essential materials to many customers.
              Automobile wires and connectors

              Automobiles are made of electronic and machine circuits. Nagoya Denki delivers wires and connectors to interface the signals and electricity.

              Harnesses for automobiles
              Nagoya Denki has cooperated with the development of special harnesses for hybrid automobiles. We have contributed to the production of a million vehicles.
              Heat sink parts
              All modern automobiles are controlled by semiconductors.
              Various heat sinks are indispensable for these semiconductors.
              Various magnets
              Automobiles are equipped with several tens of motors, etc.
              Magnets are an essential material for high-performance motors.
              Sintered products (P/M Parts)

              Sintered products <P/M Parts > are formed by pressing and sintering powder such as iron, SUS or aluminum. These parts help reduce machining work, and lead to reduced costs.

              Metal injection production <MIM>
              Metal injection molding <MIM> technology has increased and now three-dimensional compact parts are incorporated in automobiles.