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              NAGOYA DENK CO.,LTD.

              Network base

              Nagoya Denki(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

              A local subsidiary (71.42% investment) was established in September 2002 to assemble electrode device parts, perform wire machining, and sell related parts.

              Company Profile

              Head Office
              4/F., Shantra Building, 161 Rijing Road, Waigaoqiao
              Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China
              September 26, 2002
              Makiya Ito
              Representative and General Manager
              Takashi Kubo

              Corporate History

              Sep. 2002
              Company established with capital of US$490,000
              Jun. 2003
              Production of harness assemblies for cold cathode (CCFL) lamps started
              Jul. 2004
              Production of FA mold connector (M12) cables started
              Jan. 2005
              TUV Standard certification acquired
              Jul. 2005
              Production of coil harness assemblies for electronically controlled 4WD coupling (ITCC) started
              Aug. 2005
              Capital increased to US$1,050,000
              Dec. 2005
              UL Standard certification acquired
              Jul. 2006
              Production of sensor cables for automobiles (crank angle) started
              May 2007
              ISO9001 2000 certification acquired
              Jan. 2009
              Sales Division separated to establish “Shanghai Meiden Trading Co., Ltd.”


              Assembly of automobile and electric device parts,
              wire machining, and sales of related parts and members